Friday, October 13, 2006

Where Can I Sign Up?

According to the folks at Accuracy in Media there is a Vast Gay Conspiracy going on within the GOP. They claim that the party leadership has given too much power and control to Gay operatives who have infiltrated the Republican ranks to push for a pro-Gay, left-wing, Democrat agenda.

When I came out of the closet as a Gay Republican, I must not have recieved my membership packet including my copy of the fabled "Gay Agenda" and our plans to rename the party the "Gay Old Party." If anybody knows where I can get a replacement copy, please let me know. I would love to use my status as a Gay Republican to get a nice, cushy political job.

The reality is that among all the strengths of my party (and there are many), a Gay-friendly agenda is not one. If it is true that the GOP has had a (slightly) softened stance on Gay rights in recent years it is not a result of a Queer infiltration of the party ranks. It is more likely the result of more accepting attitudes of society in general. That is, the general public is finally starting to realize that we aren't evil, we won't cause the armageddon or God's wrath, and we won't turn them or their children gay. If Gay Republicans tend to look a little like Democrats sometimes, maybe it is because the Democrats aren't always wrong. They do tend to watch out for the GLBT community more regularly than my party.

So really, folks, when and where is the next meeting for the Gay World Conquest? I want to be there for that!

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