Monday, October 02, 2006

The NEW Political Drinking Game

Once again, my party has screwed up (Thanks, Foley). And again, they tried to cover it up. You would think they would have learned by now! If you read on a bit, I have devised a new drinking game to go along with the resignations on the horizon at the behest of an old and dear Democrat friend (well, nobody's perfect).

What most concerns me is that too many people are focusing on the fact that Foley is Gay. In fact, the general feeling among many politicos is that he was targetted because of his sexuality. This, in no way, excuses the fact that the did wrong. His wrongdoing, however, is not found in his homosexuality.

Foley attempted to seduce underage boys that were Capitol Pages. Not only were his actions disgusting, unethical, and immoral, but his attempt to hide his resignation from Congress under the guise of his alcoholism is insulting. Further, he singlehandedly set back the Gay-Rights movement in this country by purpetuating the stereotype that all of us Gay men are pedophilic, sexual deviants attempting to seduce and prey on little boys.

The Republican leadership should never have attempted to hide Foley's guilt. Upon learning about the emails sent by Foley to the pages, an investigation should have been opened to determine the extent to which the Congressman may have acted wrongly. Perhaps in that scenario, the IM conversations would have surfaced earlier and our party would be less damaged by this scandal.

Given that Foley has now resigned (blaming alcoholism) and many are calling for Hastert's resignation, just how many resignations should we expect between now and the end of the year?

If you are keeping track, it is 2 shots for any member of Congress that is forced into resignation between now and the November election and 1 shot for every member resigning from November 7 through New Year's Eve. A bonus shot if the member is up for reelection this year!

UPDATE: That same dear old friend of mine pointed me to a hilarious little video calling for the resignation of ol' Denny Hastert.

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Dear old Democrat Friend said...

The Republicans are resigning faster than I can refill the shot glass.