Sunday, October 22, 2006

Get Those Rally Comm Kids a Cigar!

Apparently, the Big Game Week hijinks are starting a little earlier than usual this year. I couldn't be more pleased! Check out Wikipedia! Somebody (presumeably) a member of Rally Comm updated the Stanford entry with a few interesting facts.

Nobody cares more about Cal traditions, history, and spirit and the stanfurd rivalry than the good folks in the UC Rally Committee. Those kids put in long hard hours all year long to make sure all the traditions occur. Among their duties are card stunts (which Cal invented), the California Victory Cannon, the Big Game Bonfire Rally, keeping the Big C a fine shade of "King Alfred Yellow," and waving the cal flags at football games. All the while, they are running around in hideously ugly (and dirty) striped rugbys.

Let's go on a tangent for a moment, shall we? Seriously, those rugbys are ugly. And they stink. The smell is a sure testiment to the hard work that the Rally Comm kids do in that they are dirty and smell because Rally Commers are so frequently hard at work in them that they don't often get a chance to wash them properly. But there is no excuse for the ugliness. Somebody should tell them that striped rugbys went out of style in like 2002. I guess it is better than the cardigans and funny looking caps that Rally Comm members wore in ancient times. I don't have a picture of those uniforms, but check out a yearbook and take a look. The rugbys are actually an improvement. But I digress...

Go check out Wikipedia! It contains such interesting facts as stanfurd being a finishing school and it's recent losing streak to Cal.

UPDATE: It appears that the stanfurdites have gotten wise. The updates have been removed. If any of you know of any other pranks, hijinks, or other anti-stanfurd community service occurring on or around campus, please drop me a line! I won't even publish it if you don't want me to. I just hate stanfurd!



J Koo said...

Hey, the rugbies are cool, we special order them from New Zealand.

I also appreciate the kind words regarding our services at athletics events. Did you know that at football games, the Committee is also responsible for operation of the field goal nets, guarding of the California banner at the top of the student sections, and operating the Cannon?

Anyway, go Bears!

CaliforniaGrown said...

Just because they are ordered from Canterbury of New Zealand doesn't mean the rugbies aren't a little ugly. They do look great on TV screens though!

The duties of Rally Comm are endless! In the past, I have been lucky enough to see first-hand most of the Committee's activities. It would be nearly impossibly to list all of the things they do here, but I am planning to make a long post during Big Game Week listing some of the bigger events that true Cal fans should try to attend during the week. Not the least of which is Midnight Singing!