Monday, May 28, 2007

Just When You Thought Bay Area Freeways Were Safe...

Crazy Carole comes careening through!

Last weekend, Carole Migden, the oh-so-honorable Senator from San Francisco caused a car accident...or a few...while talking on a cell phone and driving eratically.

Some of the choice quotes witnesses used included (courtesy of Boi from Troy):
  • “Please get out here, she is crazy”
  • “I noticed the car hit the center median divide”
  • “Erratic and dangerous driver”
  • “She cut me off and afterwards she screamed that she was a Senator, ‘I am a Senator”
  • “She didn’t seem all there at the time”
  • “Going at least 80 miles per hour and swerving from one lane to another”
  • “It was a female who was both reading and speaking on the telephone at the same time while trying to negotiate the lanes”

Now ol' Ms. Miggy has brought forward a new revelation: CANCER!

It appears that Senator Migden has been suffering from a bout of leukemia for several years. Until now, however, she has decided not to become public with her health issues because she didn't want the sympathy.

Except now, she DOES want the sympathy. So its okay to share with the world.

She is also blaming her lapse of driving ability on her illness. Perhaps she will also blame her illness for her shrill voice, utter lack of humanity, and famously short temper. Maybe the doctors can correct the problem, and a pill can turn the General into the Queen of Nice.

But its doubtful.

We Need a Hero

I hate that I am posting a liberal, anti-war, get-out-of-Iraq post on Memorial Day, but it does seem to be the most fitting time. Before people start to characterize me as a military-hating, anti-war, delusion peacenik liberal, hear me out for a moment.

I am in full support of all branches of the US Military. I think the work they have done and continue to do worldwide has been essential to world stability and America's strength and superiority. But I also think the time has come where their presence in Iraq no longer adds to American security and does seriously jeopardize the security of our boys (and girls and bois) in uniform.

I may sound callous when I suggest that American lives are more important than other lives. In the eyes of the US Government, at least, they should be. Americans both civilian and military, at home and abroad must be protected. The original premise of the war in Iraq was to ensure our safety at home. It is not the job of American forces to unilaterally solve the political problems of other nations. Our primary objective was to remove from power forces with the ability to put Americans in danger in the United States.

The mission succeeded in some ways and failed in others.

Clearly, Saddam Hussein is dead. Osama bin Laden has gone into hiding and has been unable to successfully orchestrate a large-scale attack on US soil since 9/11. Many other terrorist leaders have been killed or captured.

Unfortunately, every day, we lose more young people, primarily men of my own age, to a war that has had very little positive effect on American life.

In the months following September 11, 2001, America was in absolute fear of another attack. We were so fearful that we were willing to relinquish some of our most sacred liberties to the government to ensure our protection. While we now must live with a greater government intrusion in our personal lives than ever before, we feel only slightly more safe. This is evidenced by the paranoia that still surrounds us in public transportation, parks, and other public places. Unattended packages, groups of Arabs, and any whisper of a bomb has the potential to ground a flight. Even a bottle of shave gel or cologne can set the airlines in a panic.

The truth is, we were careless before 9/11. We, the American people, and our government should have been paying more attention and enacting policies to prevent terrorism. Now we are in a war to prevent further acts of violence. Unfortunately, our war has ceased to provide a net gain in terror prevention and is instead training guerillas that are well prepared to fight, and kill, Americans.

The best that can be done now is to reduce the situation. Our government has no other suitable option than to begin a withdrawal of troops and enact domestic policies that will prevent the war from reaching our soil.

On this Memorial Day, I want to applaud our armed services for their hard work and sacrifices, and honor those that have fallen. Their work and sacrifices have not been in vain. Their work might, however, be better suited toward other ends than a fruitless war in Iraq.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Homophobe: Laura Richardson

That's the word according to Senator Sheila Kuehl: If you are a Dem voting in the 37th Congressional District primary, don't vote for Assembly Member Laura Richardson.

As the story goes, Long, Long ago (when Romney still supported Gay rights before he voted against them and when Oprah had really just lost all the weight for good) Laura Richardson fought in a hard primary battle against openly-gay Gerrie Shipske. After she lost, she claimed that Shipske was beholden to the "radical gay agenda" and strongly backed by "the only gay in the Assembly."

While it is true that Gay Rights have never really been popular in the African-American community, it was wrong of her then to speak so negatively of Gay politics. Everybody in politics (especially a seasoned liberal) knows that the phrase "Radical Gay Agenda" infuriates Gay activists more than almost any other. More recently, Richardson has repositioned herself to be very supportive of the Gay community.

At best, Laura Richardson is not trustworthy for changing a major stance so dramatically in such a short period of time. At worst, she is a homophobe. Either way, Gay and Lesbian residents in the 37th District should think twice before giving her their support.

Falwell DEAD!

The leader of hateful bigots across the country died today at age 73. Preceding him in death were hundreds of thousands of Gay men and boys that died as a result of Falwell's attempts to oppress homosexuality in the US. Many of those men died from AIDS while Falwell and his "Moral Majority" prevented funding for HIV research. Others died because they were denied the love and respect they deserved while Falwell's religious coalition described openminded and inclusive people as "Satanic."

Matt Foreman, executive director of National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, extended condolences to those close to Falwell, but added: "Unfortunately, we will always remember him as a founder and leader of America's anti-gay industry, someone who exacerbated the nation's appalling response to the onslaught of the AIDS epidemic, someone who demonized and vilified us for political gain and someone who used religion to divide rather than unite our nation."

Falwell should also be remembered as a founding contributor to the Sacramento Lambda Center. According to the Lambda Center website:

"On July 13, 1984, Jerry Falwell appeared on television and denied that he had ever referred to Metropolitan Community Church as vile, satanic and its members "brute beasts" on his Old Time Gospel Hour. He offered $5,000 to anyone who could prove that he had. Rev Jerry Sloan of MCC in Sacramento, California, called Falwell's toll-free number and purchased a copy of the tape as proof, and demanded payment of the $5,000. When Falwell refused, Sloan sued and won. With $5,000 in hand the Lambda Community Fund was reorganized in 1984 under its current name by Rev. Jerry Sloan and the late Timothy Warford with the help and guarantees of Terry Sidie, Marghe Covino and the Late C.G.N.I.E. Emperor, Randy Hartman, to mention a few, to serve the broader cross-section of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex (LGBTI) community."

May his memory live on in the minds of all those that use the Falwell Memorial toilet at the Sacramento Lambda Center. It is important that all of those involved in the Gay Rights movement remember our powerful adversaries as a gauge of how far we have come.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

President Bush Resigns

Or maybe not...

Perhaps it was wishful thinking, a prophetic moment, or simply a typographical error, but CNN International placed a chyron (pictured above) with the words "Bush resigns" for approximately 12 seconds while reporting on the news of Prime Minister Tony Blair stepping down from office.

Maybe President Bush will take the hint and follow Blair's lead...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Who Doesn't Love Fast Guys and Hot Cars?

And hot guys with fast cars are good too!

Japanese auto maker, Daihatsu, has a new marketing ploy in Japan that must've been designed by none other than Brian Kinney. Instead of showing off the size of the car, how fast it is, and how pretty the car looks, Daihatsu is showing a German audience a more (ahem) "sizeable" package.

That is, Daihatsu is following the traditional knowledge that sex sells with a modern Gay spin. Instead of the old pinups with bikini-clad girls posing on cars, this manufacturer is showing hot men posing with the car. Better yet, they have a whole section on the site that allows you to see the models dancing in costume. And you don't need to know German to watch a hot guy dance.

But none of this should come as any surprise. Some of us already knew that Asians and Germans are a match made in heaven...isn't that right, Alex?

Underwear Everywhere

It's Thursday. And that means Brief Encounters at Faces.

Yah. You heard me. Boys in their briefs show off at the local Sacramento Gay hotspot. Apparently, Terry Sidie has something new to offer starting this week on Thursday nights- Ginch Gonch Giveaways- an offer sure to make Boi from Troy jealous for some new undies.

If you are a hot guy with the huevos to carry it off, show up at Faces commando, let them know you want to strut your stuff and check your pants at the door.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Kevin and Don Norte Bill

Assembly Bill 102 was passed off the Assembly Floor this week. The bill is a major boon to Gay rights and gender equity in California.

The bill would allow for an easier name change after the solemnization of a marriage or registration of a domestic partnership. Under existing law, women can easily change their name after becoming married and have special protections preventing discrimination in relation to changing or not changing their name as the case may be. This bill would offer those same benefits to men and women in Gay or Straight unions after the solemnization of a marriage or registration of a domestic partnership.

As is the usual practice with Gay rights bills, the Dems favored the measure with the support of civil rights organizations. Reps primarily opposed the bill under the pressure of the Anti-Gay right.

However, it is important to note those courageous individuals within the Republican Party that did not bow to the anti-Gay lobby. Assemblymen Anthony Adams, Sam Blakeslee, and Roger Niello voted in favor of the bill. Failing to cast a vote on the bill was Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia who represents the Gayest Republican assembly district in California.

Adams, Blakeslee, and Niello should all be commended for their courage to support this important issue that benefits the men and women of California without regard to their sexual orientation. Likewise, Assembly Member Ma should be thanked for her constant support of Gay rights in California.

The Land of the Fruits and Nuts Turns 100

Today, the Land of the Fruits and Nuts has hit its century mark! This, my friends, is the 100th post on my blog.

Although I must apologize for taking a two-week break from blogging recently, I want to thank my readers for continuing to check to see what's new with the blog and emailing me interesting news items and comments about the GOP and the Gay rights movement in California, the US, and worldwide. Thank you!

I should also thank all of those visitors who have given me a boost in hits on this blog by looking for hot pictures of Brian Cushing, Reichen Lehmkuhl, and (my personal favorite) Cameron Smyth. It is amazing how many people find this Republican political blog when looking for pictures of gay frat dudes. But I digress...

With this 100th post, I want to renew my promise to provide interesting coverage of GOP politics, Gay Rights, and Cal sports and news with an interesting perspective. If you have interesting ideas for me to write about, questions to be answered, hot political gossip, or incriminating photos of California legislators, please don't hesitate to email me at

Nobody Makes Me Bleed My Own Blood

I have written many times before on homophobia engrained in US law. Usually, my focus has been on the prohibition of Gays in the military and the right for Gay people to marry.

But those are not the only anti-Gay US policies.

The US Food and Drug Administration still maintain a severely outdated policy restricting Gay men from donating blood or bone marrow because of HIV concerns. Although similar policies have been reversed in other Western nations to no ill-effect, the United States continues to uphold this policy.

Recently, Cal students led a pro-active protest against the policy while recognizing the shortage of blood donations. The protest, led by UC Berkeley student, Jeff Manassero, asked Gay men unable to donate blood to find sponsors to donate in their place. As a result of the protest, a massive amount of blood was donated and lives will be saved.

Nonetheless, as a letter to the Daily Cal proves, some of the intellectual elite at Berkeley still support the outdated policy. Professor Moshe Sternberg supports the prohibition on the assumption that Gay men are far more likely than the general population to contract the disease. Unfortunately, the professor fails to consider that other minority populations (including African-American women) should be excluded from donating blood if pathogenic diseases were the only concern. Further, the American Red Cross opposes the outdated policy because it does not serve in the interest of protecting the health of Americans.

Simply stated, the policy prohibiting blood and bone marrow donations by Gay men is homophobic and based on outdated science and statistics. HIV screening is far better than it was in 1985 when this policy was first enacted and much less centralized in the Gay community. Further, there is a more pressing public health concern in ensuring an adequate supply of donations for blood banks.

Berzerkeley Politics

UC Berkeley activism has recently been seen at one of the most untimely of places – commencement.

But this should come as no surprise – the last several graduation ceremonies encountered politically motivated issues and complaints when there weren't any. Steve Westly spoke regarding his candidacy for Governor at a Political Science commencement days after a political author argued against capitalism at the graduation exercises. Johnny Mosley was met with signs asking "Why Johnny?" More recently, Speaker Fabian Núñez and former presidential candidate Howard Dean refused to cross a picket line to speak to the graduates.

According to the Daily Cal, the Californians Senior Class Council attempted to find a non-political speaker to avoid an over-politicized graduation or a last minute cancellation. Clearly, they failed in selecting Danny Glover.

Selecting Glover as a non-political candidate would be as apolitical as picking Michael Moore or Cindy Sheehan to speak. He is well known for his political activities and is a frequent critic of President Bush.

This is not to say that Berkeley shouldn't have a political speaker. It should! Cal is known for being a hotbed of political activism, a fact which all sides should learn to embrace if they haven't already. Nonetheless, the graduation ceremonies are a sacred event for Cal students. Every effort should be made to ensure that it goes off without a hitch and appropriate dignity be granted to each graduate.

It is important for those planning commencement ceremonies to warn speakers in advance that labor unions may picket the events. These same labor unions should avoid picketing graduation ceremonies as injury is placed upon the students incapable of making the changes requested and not on university administrators that are able to negotiate the demands of labor.