Monday, May 28, 2007

Just When You Thought Bay Area Freeways Were Safe...

Crazy Carole comes careening through!

Last weekend, Carole Migden, the oh-so-honorable Senator from San Francisco caused a car accident...or a few...while talking on a cell phone and driving eratically.

Some of the choice quotes witnesses used included (courtesy of Boi from Troy):
  • “Please get out here, she is crazy”
  • “I noticed the car hit the center median divide”
  • “Erratic and dangerous driver”
  • “She cut me off and afterwards she screamed that she was a Senator, ‘I am a Senator”
  • “She didn’t seem all there at the time”
  • “Going at least 80 miles per hour and swerving from one lane to another”
  • “It was a female who was both reading and speaking on the telephone at the same time while trying to negotiate the lanes”

Now ol' Ms. Miggy has brought forward a new revelation: CANCER!

It appears that Senator Migden has been suffering from a bout of leukemia for several years. Until now, however, she has decided not to become public with her health issues because she didn't want the sympathy.

Except now, she DOES want the sympathy. So its okay to share with the world.

She is also blaming her lapse of driving ability on her illness. Perhaps she will also blame her illness for her shrill voice, utter lack of humanity, and famously short temper. Maybe the doctors can correct the problem, and a pill can turn the General into the Queen of Nice.

But its doubtful.

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The Truffle said...

Sounds like San Francisco needs to find a nice primary challenger to take down this idiot.