Saturday, October 14, 2006

I Am No Liberal!

In my life, I don't think I have ever been seriously called a liberal! In fact, I am unaware of many gun-toting, Reagan-loving, pro-life Republicans out there that are included among the leftists.

Somewhat hilariously, I have gotten a few hits from a conservative blog that has characterized the Land of the Fruits and Nuts as a part of the "Intolerant Left in San Francisco." His portrayal of my blog was because of my earlier post on talk show host Pete Wilson homophobic rants on his radio show blasting Bevan Dufty. If only the folks over at RightLinx knew how much I have supported and aided the Conservative Movement, they would see that my comments on Bevan Dufty certainly fit under the Big Tent of the Republican Party. Or not.

As any good GOP historian could tell you, our party has been in dire troubles before. There was a time when we went decades without controlling Congress and could scarcely pull enough votes for President to justify running a candidate. Great men, not the least of whom was William F. Buckley, Jr., met and developed an unlikely coalition to regain political dominance. This coalition included the Religious Right, Classic Liberals, Libertarians, and Moderates all under one Big Tent. This coalition gave rise to such great leaders as Ronald Reagan and continues to bolster the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and John McCain.

Unfortunately the religious zealots on the far right end of our tent have forgotten the deals we made. Under the big tent, we fight for a moderately free-market economy as well as a few moderately socially conservative issues like abortion. However, the current Republican plan seems to call for lots of socially conservative issues without much concern about a functional budget. It should come as no surprise that the Grand Old Party is struggling to maintain control of Congress in this election cycle.

Instead of calling my end of the tent a bunch of intolerant leftists, perhaps the GOP should be reunified again. We were once the Party of Lincoln and could be again!


The Liberal said...

As the person who registered Californiagrown as a Republican while attempting to do my civic duties, I would like to make it clear that he is not a liberal. And after debating him for years, I can safely say, he's not one of us.

McCain said...

Oh my goodness, such irony. While you complain about yourself getting mischaracterized, you went gleefully ahead and mischaracterized the RightLinx blog. RightLinx is a “conservative” blog, sure, but in the traditional sense of Barry Goldwater’s conservatism. I am personally a libertarian. You think a handle like “McCain” is embraced in the land of your “ultra-rightwing conservative” bogeymen? I challenge you to find any gay-bashing on RightLinx, and should you try, you are quite likely to run across the recent video of male body-painting. Good luck trying, and sorry about all the naked chicks.

But to the point. Tina’s point is that the liberal left, and she is really talking about the heterophobic gay left in San Francisco, is woefully intolerant of diverse speech. Pete Wilson is an example. Almost the entire population of the world agrees with his comments, not that this fact is determinative, but his free-speech has elicited eye-popping zealous rage from the heterophobes. We gave examples. Sorry, but that’s the way we see it.


CaliforniaGrown said...

So now I am a heterophobe, too? Gee, if only I knew that I was a left-wing heterophobe I wouldn't have to live life as a shunned Republican in the Bay Area!

I apologize for mischaracterizing your blog as ultra-right wing and have editted my post accordingly.

However, I think it is important to note that I never called for Wilson's resignation or even asked for him to apologize for his statements. My entire assertion is that his remarks were misplaced as there is nothing inherently wrong with Dufty and Goldfader having a child together and certainly no more deserving of significant amounts of airtime than any other unmarried couple choosing to have children.

the real liberal said...

I always knew that you were an in the closet liberal heterophobe lefty!

Now I have proof...

Who the fuck is "the liberal"...that is my name