Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'm Too Sexy For My.....Jersey?

I mentioned a while back that Cal wore hideous new uniforms when they went Duck hunting a couple weeks ago. While the Bears look a little Crayola-esque, the look is starting to grow on me. Sure, I would have preferred our team dressing in something a little more traditional and classy, but these bright yellow jerseys are helping our boys to draw a little more attention.

If you still have doubts about the new look, I suggest you check out KateOnSports.com and watch this week's episode on new jerseys. She does a great look at whether a new look can motivate a team to do better. And, damn, that girl knows her sports!

Speaking of which, go...watch KateOnSports! Our favorite Mic Lady does a great show. Whether you are an Old Blue Cal Fan, like to watch sports in general, or (God forbid) a fan of the U$C Trojans or the stanfurd cardinal, you are gonna like Kate. If she were a guy, I would be all over her!

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