Friday, October 13, 2006

Football Odds and Ends

  • Our boys have new hideous uniforms. Seriously. These are the ugliest uniforms I can remember the Golden Bears wearing.
  • What's the deal? We are finally a top 10 team and we can't get on TV? WTF?!
  • If you are in Berkeley on Saturday, the Athletic Department has announced that a live video feed will be played on the scoreboard at Memorial Stadium. They are encouraging people to bring their own food and drinks because the concession stands will not be open. Also, alcohol is not allowed. As much as I love the Bears, I don't want to watch a video screen in a half empty stadium without the benefit of booze.
  • If you need beer with your football or will otherwise be outside of Memorial Stadium, good ol' Joe Starkey will be announcing the game on KGO Radio.

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