Friday, October 13, 2006

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Ok, so our Golden Bears haven't won in Pullman since 1979. For those keeping track, that was when Carter was still President. Considering the current senior class was born in 1985, we can safely say that the recent series history is definitely not in our favor.

Still, California is on a roll! I have personally witnessed Cal shattering losing streaks including the 26-year streak to Washington that ended on October 5, 2002 at Seattle. When we beat the Huskies, they were a top 15 team with a 17 game winning streak at home and we were still coming off of the dark days of Cal Football known as the Holmoe Years.

Wazzu is far from a top 15 team. We could easily end the losing streak. Or not. They are so inconsistent that it is hard to tell.

Two weeks ago, WSU fought the Trojans and nearly won. They played a remarkable game. A week later, they stumbled repeatedly and barely pulled a victory against Oregon State, a week after the Bears slaughtered the Beavers.

Our offense is nearly unstoppable and if we can pull the same defense we did last week against Oregon then we could give even U$C a run for its $$. But with our loss to Tennessee still lingering, we have to remember that nothing is certain and, while we should win tomorrow, nothing is certain.

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