Thursday, October 19, 2006

Are You Gay? Vote GOP!

Ever since I came out of the closet (and especially since I started this blog), people have asked how I am able to reconcile being a Gay Republican. In this post, I hope to provide some explanation.

The answer is simple, but first I must explain that I am not a Gay Republican. I am a Republican and happen to be Gay. Alternatively, I am Gay and happen to be a Republican. My political beliefs do not determine my sexual orientation nor does my sexual orientation alone determine my political beliefs. In reality, many things influence my political beliefs, one of which happens to be my sexual orientation.

One major criticism of the Republican Right is that they tend to bow to Christian conservatives. It is very clear that the Religious Right doesn't tend to agree with what they term the "Homosexual Lifestyle" and often attempt to restrict the rights of Gay people. However, what the left forgets is that the American Christian movement is not a hateful group of people, on the whole. While not all of them adhere to the adage, "hate the sin not the sinner," most don't hate Gay people.

I don't hate them either! My best friend happens to be a (straight) right-wing religious Republican. I, myself, am a Christian and try to live accordingly. Like many other Christians, I don't believe that my religion should dictate my political beliefs. Similarly, I don't feel compelled to let my sexual orientation dictate my political beliefs. Sure, same-sex marriage is very important to me. Equal rights are even more important to me. But so are other social issues, the economy, gun rights, the environment, and national security. I don't pretend to agree with the GOP on every issue, but I certainly don't agree with the Democrats on many issues apart from Gay rights.

To vote Republican doesn't mean that I am self-hating. To the contrary, I am proud of being Gay! But that doesn't mean I have to vote the same way as other Gay people. For instance, the typical Gay party line requires that I be in favor of abortion (which I equate to murder). It also says that I need to care deeply about the rights of transgendered people, which I really don't. Trannys have a whole different set of concerns than a Gay man does. If I were to vote along Democratic party lines, I would be voting against gun rights, in favor of higher taxes, and more government spending. I really do care about these things and think the Republicans tend to have the right idea.

Republicans, in general, aren't opposed to Gay people. A few notable ones tend to oppose us every chance they get, but most are really fairly ambivalent about Gay issues. Some Republicans quietly vote against Gay rights bills because they have little to gain for voting in favor and can pick up a few votes by voting against. They believe (and rightly so) that the Queer community will NEVER vote for a Republican. What is forgotten is that Democrats feel that they can vote against Gay rights because the Queer community will ALWAYS vote for them.

If the GLBT community wants to see real change, they need to be willing to support Republicans when the Democrats won't support their cause.


Humble Servant said...

Gay Republicans... mmm...

I used to be a Catholic man myself, but then I came to the realization that Christianity in general consigns homosexuals to hell. Sure, there may be individual christians who don't necesarily hate you (but how do u divorce hating the sin of being a homosexual from hating the homosexual being? Tough one to crack), however if there is one basic core belief that ALL christian sects share, from catholic to calvinist, from baptist to pentecostal, is that Jesus is God and homosexuals are abominable and will enter hell upon their deaths. Such belief is EXPLICITELY stated in both the old and new testament. It is not a matter for debate. A christian homosexual is analogus to a Kamikaze japanese pilot: he's going down with his plane and he knows it.

Such a realization yields the notion that gay christians are self-loathing. They are christians because the basic tenet of christianity mandates that homosexuals be damned to hell for all eternity. Anyone who is gay and wishes to spend eternity in hell is, understandably, suspected of self-loath.

Since I don't believe that I am going to hell, I could not continue being a christian. I would be tolerated in the church, maybe even loved, but when the time came I would be going south while all the non-homos would be going north. So I became a pagan. I became a secular humanist with pagan tendencies. It is a more positive and benign belief than christianity.

And now on to gay Republicans. The GOP platform is anti-gay. You cannot deny it. They value religious conservatives more highly than anyone else, and they are willing to malign homosexuals in order to get their votes and pick up seats in congress. It is very business-like and all, but the business is hatred. Hatred of homosexuals. A gay Republican may think that other issues are more important than his own sexual-orientation. Maybe you can turn the other way and ignore statements coming from President Bush who says that the United States as a country CANNOT endorse homosexuality as a viable lifestyle (doesn't a statement like that infuriate you? It does me), or maybe you can simply ignore Senator Rick Santorum when he equates homosexuals with pedophiles. And don't even try to tell me that such statements are lone exceptions in a tolerant ideology, because that would be disingenuous. The GOP uses homosexuals to get votes, and they are holding our community out to be the bad guy, the evil among the righteous.

Perhaps such a stand on homosexuality from the GOP does not affect you personally. Sure, no one is going to come to your house and arrest you; you may not even get fired from your job or be evicted from your house. In effect, you may never be affected in the slightest by the venom from the GOP. But others may.

A country where guns are freely given to its denizens and where abortion is outlawed, where the government is small and the taxes are few, where the military is mighty and the only real enemy to good citizens is the homosexual, is not a country where I would like to live. Not if I respect myself.

Peace and love.

fiscal conservative democrat said...

.....interesting how you say that by voting republican you would vote for less government spending....

Under a republican president and a congress controlled by the gop the spending has skyrocketed. We created two entire new departments and bureaucracies, increased the budget deficit, and waged an expensive war while giving tax breaks. So much for being a fiscal conservative.

Furthermore, if the republican party were the board of directors of any private firm the investors would have fired them a long time ago!