Thursday, January 04, 2007

Political Leanings

Thanks to Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Dish, I have found a more-than-decade-old political exam that rates political leanings on a scale of 0-40, 0 being a Jesse Jackson Liberal and 40 being the ultimate conservative (who the test says is Ronald Reagan…I disagree).

Fortunately, I am not in the middle of any identity crisis nor am I desperate to find myself on one end of the political spectrum or the other. According to the test, I am at 20- Colin Powell’s ideological twin. Neither am I a conservative nor am I a liberal. No wonder I hate both political parties so equally.

Hear that, parties? I am the new centrist, median voter! Hear my words! The well-educated, moderate, white, middle-class, young, Gay, male that identifies Republican will select the next US President!

President Oprah Winfrey might be on the horizon!

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patr said...

I got 30. But this is a very, very flawed test. For most of the questions, I found myself wanting an option for "Neither" or "None of the Above." I guess that's to be expected when society refuses to move beyond the single-dimensional political spectrum.

Try this test instead. This one still has some issues, but it's a lot more insightful. Currently, I'm Econ: 6.5, Social: -5.38