Monday, January 01, 2007

I'm Back!

I took an unannounced vacation from the blog for a little while. Partly because my personal life was busy and partly because there wasn't/isn't much interesting news to blog about that isn't covered in like a million places.

After all, if you want to read about President Ford's life and death or Saddam Hussein's execution, you probably aren't going to go to a Gay political blog covering California news. Even if you did, I wouldn't be giving you any interesting new spin on things.

But the greatest of news machines is gearing back into action: the California Legislature. In the coming days the legislature will return from their winter recess and continue to do what they believe is "the people's work." Only time will tell how badly the people will get worked over this year!


SF Democrat said...

any comments about the Governator's new Gay and Democratic Deputy Chief of Staff Ross LaJeunesse?

CaliforniaGrown said...
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CaliforniaGrown said...

And how, exactly, is that newsworthy? He was already involved with the administration and followed right behind Gay and Democratic Chief of Staff Susan Kennedy. If there was news to be found, I would also need to mention the promotion of Maria Shriver's Gay and Democratic Chief of Staff to Special Advisor to the Governor (while remaining COS to the First Lady) and the departure of the Gay Press Secretary to the First Lady.

Trust me, the hiring of a Democrat or a Gay person in this Governor's administration isn't newsworthy.