Monday, January 01, 2007

Let Diana Ross Decide!

Ok, so the news is old now. As Kevin Norte so eloquently put it, (to paraphrase) the Supremes have unanimously decided to hear the Gay Marriage case in California.

While it might be interesting to have a Diana Ross-led court determining the outcome of Gay marriage in our state, the California Supreme Court will soon hear the case and make the ultimate determination as to whether the Knight Amendment can stand in California.

To give a recap, after Massachusetts courts declared anti-Gay marriage laws unconstitutional, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom began to offer marriage licenses in California. Immediately afterward, the state of California refused to recognize these marriages as valid because they were believed to be void under the state constitution. The courts disagreed. However, before the decision went into effect, the appellate court took up the case and reversed the ruling of the lower court, in part, because Gay people are not discriminated against because Gay men can enter into marriages with women and Lesbians can enter into marriages with men just as heterosexual people can. Now the Supreme Court will be reviewing the case.

This is great news for Gay and Lesbian Californians! I continue to believe that it is of greater importance to ensure more basic rights than marriage for Gays in places outside of California than it is to achieve full marriage equality in California. But since this ball is already rolling, there is no reason to stop it. Gay men and women across the state will hopefully soon be granted full marriage equality!

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