Monday, November 13, 2006

Gay Television

Now that Queer as Folk has ended and America is between seasons on Project Runway what is there to watch on TV for a Gay guy? I have decided to take a quick look at Gay television entertainment.

Kathy Griffin's My Life on the D-List is a funny show from a funny lady. Sure she sometimes gets a little more political than I care for during my leisure time, and true she is a straight woman, but she captures a definite Gay male audience because she can be so sarcastically funny. Definitely worth an occasional watch.

The L-Word is something I have yet to see. It is definitely geared toward Lesbians more than Gay men, so it really hasn't caught my attention. If you have seen it, please comment and let me know whether it is worth watching.

American Idol starts again in January. I really only watch it to make fun of the really bad performers in the first few weeks. Then I start watching again toward the end of the season so I sound like I know what I am talking about when everybody is raving about who got kicked off and who wins. I really think the cute bald rock-star guy should've won last season instead of the weird gray-haired guy. Also, as a Cal Bear, I really hate William Hung.

I was recently turned on to Desperate Housewives. Great show. Attractive people. Outrageous drama. It may be written for an audience of middle-aged housewives, but was developed by a Gay guy who clearly knows a little something about what Gay guys want to watch on tv.

Dante's Cove has been heavily publicized among the young gay audience. Unfortunately, it isn't available on any of the tv stations I get. I supposed I could download a few episodes and see if they are any good, but I am too lazy. I have heard that if you like Buffy, Angel, or Charmed and are Gay, then this is the show for you. I loved all three. Has anybody seen the show yet? Is it worth watching?

I, for one, really miss Queer as Folk. Until I find a new cast of friends to spend an hour each week with, I will feed my crush on Michael Novatny (as played by Hal Sparks) by watching the DVDs.

Any suggestions of shows I should watch or have missed?

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J Koo said...

Dante's Cove is exceedingly corny, but the eye candy is very good. I stress, however, that the eye candy is the only reason to watch it.