Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Boi from Troy's Questions

As posted earlier, Boi from Troy and I agreed to do some back and forth analysis of Saturday's game. We also placed a small wager on the game.

These are my responses to his questions:

1) It is rumored that Jeff Tedford has some magical spell to get inside the brain of Pete Carroll and give him fits: fact or fiction?

Fact! The spell was recently uncovered in a stack of papers belonging to famed Cal coach, Lynn "Pappy" Waldorf, and supposedly allows the user to get inside the mind of any worthy opponent. The spell, apparently was frequently used by Pappy in the glory days of Cal Football.

It doesn't take a spell, though, to see how Carroll has developed the USC offense. Clearly, the Trojan offense is based around an explosive rushing game with both barrels blazing. Those barrels used to be Bush and White. Now they are Moody and Washington, but are no less formidable. It isn't going to be an easy victory for us this Saturday.

2) How devastating was the loss to Arizona and how are the Bears--and campus--coping with it, or are they just moving on?

It wasn't all that long ago that losses were commonplace in Berkeley. We never expect an easy season or good luck to follow our team. Lately though, we have been a little spoiled. Ok, a LOT spoiled.

After a bit of crying on my fraternity brothers' shoulders and cursing Jeff Tedford (while momentarily forgetting his very lackluster predecessor, Tom Holmoe), I suddenly realized that the loss isn't so bad. I don't think any of us would have been the least bit upset to be vying for a BCS berth, we would really like to end our Rose Bowl drought. Remember that we haven't played on New Year's Day in Pasadena since 1959. 47 years is longer than any Pac-10 or Big-10 team has gone without a Rose Bowl, ever.

3) Which #10 scares you more as a Cal fan--John David Booty with his efficient passing or Brian Cushing with his explosiveness off the line coming around the backside?

Cushing, definitely. In Arizona the Bears showed problems with our passing game and Cushing could put a lot of pressure on us. Our passing defense may not be the best in the world, but Daymeion Hughes is always good for a few picks. We should be able to hold our own against Booty.

4) If, god forbid, Cal were to win, have the students in Berkeley, like, prepared the biggest bong ever?

When we ended the long Big Game drought in 2002, the fans not only rushed the field but tore down our own goalposts--both sets--and marched them down the streets of Berkeley. Stanfurd has long feared Cal fans and has kept a fence around their old field, lined with police officers, in case we get a little out of control.

If God willing, Cal were to win, I would expect the fans to go souvenir hunting. You might want to hide Traveler from the Cal Student Section.

5) Our wager is that the loser has to post a photo-montage of the hawtest guy from the winning team. Can we see your selection now?

My selection is Nick Demopoulos, our freshman kicker.

Honorable mention to both Joe Ayoob and Andrew Larson.


Anonymous said...

You're wrong on Cal having the longest drought - it's Arizona who has never been to the Rose Bowl. Also, since ASU and Arizona didn't join the PAC-10 until 1978, that has to be taken into account as well.

Brendan said...

It's precisely because Arizona didn't join the Pac-10 until 1978 that the statement "47 years is longer than any Pac-10 or Big-10 team has gone without a Rose Bowl."

Arizona has only gone 29 years (1978-2006) as a "Pac-10 or Big-10 team without a Rose Bowl."

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