Monday, November 27, 2006

Brownback Probes Judge Who Might Know a Lesbian

Thanks to the friendly folks at TheAngryFag for pointing us to an article about conservative Republican Senator Sam Brownback questioning whether Michigan Court of Appeals Judge Janet T. Neff should be made a US District Judge because she went to a Lesbian wedding. According to Brownback, "But what I want to know is what does it do to her look at the [same-sex marriage] law?"

From what we can read in the article, the Bush nominee was simply in attendance at the wedding (she did not perform the ceremony nor was she a bride) which was conducted entirely in Massachusetts where she is not a judge and where the wedding had absolutely no legal effect. Neff attended as a friend of one of the two brides that had been a long time neighbor.

Attendance at a Gay or Lesbian wedding should have no bearing on whether Neff is qualified to be a Federal Judge. She has given absolutely no indication as to her leanings on the legal issues involved, only that she maintains a friendship with at least one openly Gay woman.

Brownback's line of reasoning illustrates the deeper problems to be found in the Republican Party. Such distrust and hatefulness displayed at Gay people and our supporters does not benefit the image of the GOP and will contribute to future losses for the party.

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