Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Why do we hate Arnold so much?

No Gay-themed, Republican blog would be complete without a positive review about the Governator. In this election year, it makes no sense why the LGBT community opposes having a Republican governor. LGBT support (and money) should not be wasted on Phil Angelides.

No Governor has ever had as positive an impact on Gay rights as Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes, I know he made headlines when he notably vetoed AB 849 last year which would have given us marriage equality. Still, he has signed bills that have given us equal rights in nearly every other way. Thanks in part to Arnie, Domestic Partnership laws in California have been strengthened and are now stronger than just about anywhere else in the United States. Specifically, Gay people are protected against discrimination in just about every area of law from housing and employment to service in the California National Guard.

Groups out there like Equality California aren't looking out for our community when they blindly endorse Democrat candidates at the expense of Gay-friendly Republicans--especially when the Gay-friendly Republican is all but guaranteed a victory in the race. Instead of wasting precious time and money on loser candidates against our own allies, we should be focusing our efforts on ensuring that candidates (regardless of party affiliation) are elected that will represent our views in the Legislature. Do we really want another Dennis Mountjoy?

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