Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Kate on Sports!

Every old Blue should be cheering a big GO BEARS right about now. Mic Man Kate Troescher is BACK!

Ok...well, so she isn't standing on the platform anymore and I doubt she will be wearing ties to every football game anymore. Still, our favorite Golden Bear hasn't gone into hibernation yet. Her latest project is a weekly podcast about sports.

What has always been great about Kate is that she actually knows sports. In her days at the microphone, she led cheers at the right moments and kept everything going with the flow of the game. Next time you are standing in the Cal student section, notice how often the Mic Men of today lead the wrong cheer for the situation, don't lead a cheer, or fail to successfully lead the section at all. More importantly, pay attention to how many times the crowd starts chanting, "We Want Kate!" There is a reason for this--KATE ROCKED!

And now we can have all the Kate we want on her new podcast found at Even though her new podcast show is about all sports, if I know Kate, she will feature the Bears prominently.

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